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Of all the Fraglets there could have been a sequel to, you probably least wanted one to Maliciously.

But here it is anyway. Don't hit me. No, really. Don't hit me. Blame Bach. And [ profile] monisharobot, but no hitting there either.

...I am not going to dignify this with a proper header. 400ish words of OW MY SOUL G-rated implied-Bertie/OFC.

But Not a Drop to Drink )
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This is the last of 'em! I really wanted them both to be a spectacular finale, but you get what you get. Not entertaining questions about what's next-- there will be a post here tomorrowish where I make my plans known.

Poor old Unfurnish is going to look a bit rubbish and tiny next to the other one, but there you have it.

Previous efforts || Table of doom

18. PG, 560 words
A theoretical snippet from the still-theoretical sequel to Somebody, featuring Topper, Colin, and a search.
Unfurnish )

And now we have two prompts that bled into one and got a bit out of hand. The Break bit is an answer to [ profile] detective_wolf's lovely drawing here. And this may be 3700 words long and by rights a proper fic, but it was written rapid-fire like the rest, so don't go looking for proper-fic standards. I may do it up nicely somewhere in the far future.

20. PG, 3719 (!!) words
In which it's Christmas, there's a sad thing in the past, there are a lot of loose threads and general all-over-the-place-ness, and actually no overt slash.

Skate/Break )
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Just four three (go me with the numbering) more to go after this! The first one is not lamely short, it's not! It is pithy. PITHY. Laconic, even. Also, I doubt you'd want it to go on very much longer than it does, assuming I haven't been so obtuse you don't get it. And for your own health, please don't try to work out what year it's supposed to be in the last one.

Previous efforts || Table of doom

15. G, a piddling 245 words
Which is tiny and evil, like a White Castle burger. OFC warning.
Maliciously Maliciously )

16. briefly NC-17, 591 words
In which even sleeping Berties can't shut up, and Jeeves muses.
Snore Snore )

17. PG, 1544 words
In which we are in a not-so-bright future, and there is a nephew.
Somebody Somebody )
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WHEE. This way to the rollercoaster, kids. There's also a special present within, and I'm not talking about the porn.

Previous efforts || Table of doom

12. NC-17, 669 words
Wherein things are not entirely as they seem (and you will think I am kind of mean).
Stroke )

13. G, 627 words
In which 6A acquires a difficult guest.
Ragamuffin )

14. PG, 1507 words
Which earns its title, but also its past tense:
Despaired )
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Delays! Life! Sorry! And lawks, I've gone all out of order with the table. But here, look. There's actually one more done-ish, but I wanted to get something up before Bones. (I thought it was a Fry night tonight, but apparently that's tomorrow. Still, yay Bones.)

I won't be insulted if you don't read the crossovers. I don't know what got into me. Also 'scuse my messy coding, and my shameful lack of comment replies, but I figured you'd rather have fic. And THANK YOU ALL if I haven't done so personally. ♥ ♥ ♥

Previous efforts || Table of doom

10. Gen-ish, kid!Jeeves, implied Bertie/Jeeves, 670 words.
In which Jeeves's first love is a book:
Erode )

11. PG, 1170 words in three sub-fraglets
Varying degrees of unrequited and/or established Bertie/Jeeves, with a splash of House/Wilson for funsies.
Crossovers with Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and House MD.
(And no, there are no spoilers for 'Planet of the Dead,' though seeing it over the weekend is entirely to blame. References are made to 'Utopia,' 'Family of Blood,' 'Human Nature,' and 'The Unicorn and the Wasp.')

In which three impossible things happen:
Strangely )
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Just one, and a bit overdue at that. I've been doing a great deal of running around out in the world and been afforded very little writing time. I'm off to visit my mother tomorrow-- taking the laptop but I don't know what kind of time or internet access I'll have or even what I'm sleeping on.

Pithy tweets from the GA boonies may be the best you can expect. But if nothing else I'll have pen and paper and will hopefully have something to show for it come Tuesday. But if I don't reply to comments right away it's not because I'm an ingrate!

Previous efforts || Table of doom

9. R, 1580 words
In which the precipitating events of Blister are explained, and the author wonders why she keeps setting fics in bathrooms:
Gamble )
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You'd think I would produce much more in the amount of time I've taken to do it. Alas. There's not even much to these, and I'd spend a good bit more time on the first if I had my druthers, but I'd like to move on.

Ye of slow connections beware of the second one.

Also, thanks to [ profile] chaoschick13 without whose suggestion I might still be waffling over what to do about Blister.

Source images are © their respective owners.

ETA: Images fixed! Sorry!

Previous efforts || Table of doom

7. PG-13, 870 words
In which the prompt gets a vague mention and is then discarded in favour of bathtime: Blister )

8. PG-maybe, ~300 words
In which we are epistolatory and image-heavy: Non-Response )
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Er, I think I'll just hand these over without further commentary. *flees*

Previous efforts || Table of doom

5. In which we mangle a spot of Byron and have an ouchy sort of misunderstanding (sort of):
~1000 words, rated PG with apologies to Lord B.
Octosyllabic )

6. In which the author takes the prompt quite literally and attempts to make up for having hurt your feelings:
~700 words, rated R for implied bedroom hijinks and SC for slight crack.
Attire )

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More fraglet-ing! Previous efforts here; table of doom here.

These are a bit longer-- 800 and 1000 words respectively-- would your eyeballs and brains prefer it if future specimens of that length were given their own posts? I'm never sure how long is too long.

Both extremely G-rated. Perhaps I'll try my hand at something steamier next time if I can solve for x in the equation octosyllabic + x = buggery. I was always pants at algebra.

P.S. These aren't so very fluffy. "Gala" may even sting a bit. I R SRS RITER. See the Emo Gussie? He is a warning.

3. In which there is a party, and it's probably gone to off-stage: Gala )

4. In which an unnamed narrator pokes fun at the romance genre: Careful )

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This is what happens when I'm extremely stalled and uninspired on what the Epic Epic needs to be doing with this one bit I've changed. I hit the random word button on the online OED a bunch of times till I came up with 20 words. Anything with a first use after 1930 was skipped, as were proper names and technical terms, but otherwise I took whatever it threw at me.

They're too long to be drabbles and too fragmentary to be ficlets. Therefore they are fraglets.

It's probably apparent from reading them, but they're not in the least meant to be related.

Also, are there any fannish twitterers? 'Cause right now it just looks like I'm stalking Stephen Fry. (This is the bit where I breathe noisily through my retainer, snort while laughing, and say 'will you be my friend?') I'm @missmercyb as some jerkface took my preferred username and had the almighty gall not to post squat once he had.

Dictionary Fraglets 1-2/20: scandal, list
PG rated at the very very most.
Candyfloss warning for both, I think! Mind the dental work!

Scandal )

List )


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