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Sorry for the repeato-spam if you've seen these, but I'm not backdating in case anyone else wants to. ETA: Just kidding, I'm an idiot and apparently already put a couple of these up here. Oh well.

Who's a lazy-pants about archiving? Yeah, me.

These were all for [ profile] boosh_shorts Challenge 14: Opposites.

Title: Wagers
Fandom: Nathan Barley
Words: 200
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: PG (language)
Prompt: serious/frivolous.

Wagers )

Title: Shelter
Fandom: Nathan Barley
Words: 200
Characters/Pairing: Claire, Jones (Dan/Jones implied)
Rating: PG (language)
Prompt: wet/dry.

Shelter )

Title: Revisionist History
Fandom: Mighty Boosh
Words: 100
Characters: Vince, Howard
Rating: G
Prompt: truth/lie.

Revisionist History )
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Title: Smoke and Mirrors
Pairings: Dan/Jones and Vince/Howard, with a tiny tiny side order of Dan/Vince and Jones/Howard.
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~12,000
Summary: Paths cross, lips do stuff to other lips, feelings are felt, music is made. May contain chavs, made-up publications, a fully intact fourth wall, and peer pressure from Naboo. May not contain Bollo, who would nevertheless like you to know that Sugar Ape was named after him. Set a bit post-series for NB and post-S3 for Boosh.
Notes: Shiny gold stars to [ profile] waqaychay for the beta, as well as big fat hearts to [ profile] storyfan, [ profile] who_is_small, and [ profile] random_nexus for viewing this mess in its early stages and assuring me it was not a big sinking failboat.
Convenient linkage without my annoying layout: [1-2] [3-4]

Smoke and Mirrors )


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