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I had serious writer's block issues the other day and asked for prompts. Several kind souls obliged and were rewarded with comment ficlets ranging from the ridiculous to the downright pornographic.

I'm too lazy to paste, but here they are linked for your convenience and mine.

[ profile] waqaychay got Jeeves and Bertie talking to River aboard Serenity. Jeeves & Wooster/Firefly crossover! Bertie/Jeeves, G.

[ profile] monisharobot got Peter Kingdom getting a boyfriend... well, sort of. Kingdom, Peter/unnamed OMC. Again with the damn G rating. Maybe PG just because of Beatrice. :P Allusions to Series 3 events, but no bluntly stated spoilers.

[ profile] random_nexus got Jeeves and Ianto Jeeves & Wooster/Torchwood crossover. Ianto/Jeeves, PG-13.

[ profile] rodlox got Sulu and Toshiko on a blind date Torchwood/Star Trek crossover. Gen. I envisioned this as the reboot!verse but can be read as either.

[ profile] seularen got "Bertie and Jim keep getting accidentally engaged to aliens; Jeeves and McCoy have to constantly rescue them and patch them up." Jeeves & Wooster/ ST:XI crossover; Kirk/McCoy, Bertie/Jeeves. Rated C for CRACK.

and [ profile] chaoschick13 got PIANO SEX, DAMMIT. Bertie/Jeeves, rated SMUTTY SMUTTY SMUT.

Do I get some kind of award for most crossovers in a single post?

Right, perhaps I should actually go work now.

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0. Mostly, I wanted to show off this icon I made. *points*

1. Writer's block like whoa. I get like one sentence out and get distracted by something shiny. My brain's doing something that goes a little bit like Trek! Jooster! Joostertrek! No, wait! Fireflytrek! TorchJooster! Ianto is Jeeves and they're on the Enterprise and run into Serenity! And what about that thing where Jeeves had a secret wife? Ducky? Ducky who? ARGFARGLEVALETSPACE. Yeah. That's what my head sounds like on the indoors.

2. KINGDOM. Was great. Is great. Is being great. Oh Lyle. *looks at watch* Hey, next week! Get here with new ep plz. When does Peter get a boyfriend? Wishful thinking, I know.

3. Well, it would be a pretty lame list if it only had two things on it.....

Um. Make me write porn. Prompts. Issue them now. Maybe with word count limits.

ETA 6/10: I am exhausted and falling asleep. Ficlettings to continue on the morrow.
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Because [ profile] marvola said so, 8 random facts, me-related )

Also, fic recs. Specifically crossovers. I posted these at TWU but I figured I might as well bring them here too. All Torchwood-related, all awesome. Possibly nothing you haven't already read, but also for posterity. If you know of any good ones (TW or not), by all means bring them over! [Insert creepy voice and something about 'precious.']

Empty Spaces Between Stars by Nightanddaze. (NC-17) CSI crossover with extremely hot Jack/Ianto/Greg Sanders and plot. This is totally recommended reading for anyone, even if you don't watch CSI.
Advantages of Travel by Elishabet. (PG-13) Firefly! Jack on Serenity! Captain-snogging!
A Little Matter of Life and Death by Unfeathered. (NC-17) Jack/Angel. I pretty much consider this canon, actually.

Snapshots by Asrai. (R) Queer As Folk US. I'm in love with this. Your average QAF/TW crossover probably involves Jack and Brian Kinney getting groiny. This does not. This has Justin and Ianto as roommates (it makes sense, don't worry), and a whole lot of mysterious. This is from the person who brought you 'The Night Starts Here' (a.k.a. 'that one where Ianto goes to work at Torchwood Two').
And this just started, but I'm highly excited about it-- The Hogwarts Reunion Is When Everything Changes (And Torchwood Is Ready) by Lilithilien. (NC-17) Because Jack/Draco. I can't wait.


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