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you know the drill. )
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MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT. No actual substance.


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Phwoar. That was. Yeah. This nearly contains Jack-meta, but keep in mind this is me we're talking about. Sorry, no caps this time, 'cause that took ages.


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See, my problem yesterday was that I forgot that normal things are normal and Torchwood is Torchwood. Tonight reminded me. I brim with cracky glee.

Oh, um, NSFW warning due to... uh, well, some unclothed men. Not really in the fun way, though.

Massively massive picspammy-recappy-blathery thing. With SPOILERS, obvs. )

On a total sidenote, I am deadly serious about sending PC Andy to Sandford. THINK OF THE FUN YOU COULD HAVE WITH THREE ANDYS.
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One of those things where I capslock and babble a lot while watching. TORCHWOOD SPOILERS AHOY.

Torchwood, you and I may need to see other people if this keeps up. )

Right, I'll just be over here with my Kingdom and my Spaced trying not to think about this.

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I had serious writer's block issues the other day and asked for prompts. Several kind souls obliged and were rewarded with comment ficlets ranging from the ridiculous to the downright pornographic.

I'm too lazy to paste, but here they are linked for your convenience and mine.

[ profile] waqaychay got Jeeves and Bertie talking to River aboard Serenity. Jeeves & Wooster/Firefly crossover! Bertie/Jeeves, G.

[ profile] monisharobot got Peter Kingdom getting a boyfriend... well, sort of. Kingdom, Peter/unnamed OMC. Again with the damn G rating. Maybe PG just because of Beatrice. :P Allusions to Series 3 events, but no bluntly stated spoilers.

[ profile] random_nexus got Jeeves and Ianto Jeeves & Wooster/Torchwood crossover. Ianto/Jeeves, PG-13.

[ profile] rodlox got Sulu and Toshiko on a blind date Torchwood/Star Trek crossover. Gen. I envisioned this as the reboot!verse but can be read as either.

[ profile] seularen got "Bertie and Jim keep getting accidentally engaged to aliens; Jeeves and McCoy have to constantly rescue them and patch them up." Jeeves & Wooster/ ST:XI crossover; Kirk/McCoy, Bertie/Jeeves. Rated C for CRACK.

and [ profile] chaoschick13 got PIANO SEX, DAMMIT. Bertie/Jeeves, rated SMUTTY SMUTTY SMUT.

Do I get some kind of award for most crossovers in a single post?

Right, perhaps I should actually go work now.

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0. Mostly, I wanted to show off this icon I made. *points*

1. Writer's block like whoa. I get like one sentence out and get distracted by something shiny. My brain's doing something that goes a little bit like Trek! Jooster! Joostertrek! No, wait! Fireflytrek! TorchJooster! Ianto is Jeeves and they're on the Enterprise and run into Serenity! And what about that thing where Jeeves had a secret wife? Ducky? Ducky who? ARGFARGLEVALETSPACE. Yeah. That's what my head sounds like on the indoors.

2. KINGDOM. Was great. Is great. Is being great. Oh Lyle. *looks at watch* Hey, next week! Get here with new ep plz. When does Peter get a boyfriend? Wishful thinking, I know.

3. Well, it would be a pretty lame list if it only had two things on it.....

Um. Make me write porn. Prompts. Issue them now. Maybe with word count limits.

ETA 6/10: I am exhausted and falling asleep. Ficlettings to continue on the morrow.
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Title: Dances In Four Worlds
Pairings: Ianto/Lisa, Ianto/Rose, Ianto/Ten, Ianto/Jack
Words:  ~2400
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Up to 'Something Borrowed' for Torchwood and the end of S2 for Doctor Who.
Summary: Four dances that could be happening somewhere.
Disclaimer: No, they're still not mine.
Thanks to [ profile] china_white for looking over this for me, and to a bunch of lovely people at TWU for advice. ♥♥
Notes: For the [ profile] twdw_ficathon Happy Prompts ficathon (#12: Dancing on air). This is apparently what happens when I try to write something happy. Which is to say it's not fluff, but there are technically no sad endings! All feedback welcome.

Dances In Four Worlds )

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I really meant to post this sooner, but I guess I got distracted by something shiny. I'm insanely proud of this little thing.

Title: Peace Attend (Our Weak Light Together)
Pairing/Characters: Gwen, Jack/Ianto
Words: ~1800
Rating: PG (if that)
Spoilers: Exit Wounds
Summary: They're what she needs right now.
Betas: Whipped into shape by [ profile] the9thdoctor and [ profile] rojodiablo. Any remaining faults are mine alone.
Disclaimer: Last I checked, my name wasn't Russell, nor was I a British television network.
Notes: Title from translations of Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through the Night), which got serendipitously stuck in my head. All feedback welcome.

Peace Attend (Our Weak Light Together) )

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Various Ianto Drabbles, x100 words.
Characters you recognise belong to RTD or Joss Whedon. Shoplifted phrases may belong to Bob Dylan, Shakespeare, or the Smiths.
Spoilers: Not for anything current so this is probably superfluous, but TW "End of Days," DW "Parting of the Ways" and "Doomsday," BtVS "Dirty Girls."

Title: None is the Number
Pairing: Jack/Ianto (sort of)
Rating: PG-13, if that.
Summary: The mind plays tricks.
Notes: Weird. Possibly avant-garde. Set post-End of Days.

None Is the Number )

Title: Stop Me if You've Heard This One
Pairing: Ianto/Xander Harris
Rating: PG-ish
Summary: A chance meeting.
Notes: Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. 

Stop Me if You've Heard This One )

Title: White Lies
Pairing: Ianto/Rose
Rating: G
Summary: Bedtime stories on the other side.
Notes: DW crossover, obviously. Two versions because I couldn't decide.

White Lies (I) )
White Lies (II) )
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Disjointed thoughts on guns, Doctors, Captains, things that glow, and that chick in tonight's ep.

Spoilers for Doctor Who 4.06 )
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Title: A Man, A Can...
Author: [profile] thirstyrobot 
Pairing/Characters: Gen, Team
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Torchwood and the plot hole I'm filling belong to RTD and the BBC.
Spoilers: None really, though it serves as an explanation for something in 'Exit Wounds' that seems to have been bugging a lot of people. Probably spoilers in comments.
Notes: Set at some nebulous point in early S2-- doesn't really matter. Just a tiny little ficlet that you'll hopefully get a laugh out of. I set out to write some big introspective reaction fic and this is what comes out. I've got problems.
Summary: "Twenty quid says it's hairspray," Owen said.

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There's allllll these fics where Ianto turns out not to belong to the 21st century either. Okay, fine, whatever, there's also fics where he's a wizard, a Time Lord, or a jellyfish. Never really gave the idea much thought until Jack stated Ianto's birthdate in 'Fragments' and I saw someone else pointing out that he couldn't have gone to the Electro as a child if both the birthdate and the website 'history' of the Electro are both correct. It is, of course, completely possible that it's just a case of the website people not talking to the script people-- it's happened before, cf. the confusion over Owen's age.

But I submit that it's completely plausible, or that the writers are trying to make it sound plausible.

SPOILERS for 2.12 'Fragments' and earlier episodes.

Conclusion: Ianto fell through the rift during the Cardiff blitz around age 18. Well, maybe. )
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spoiler-speculation under here, not that anyone's reading )

Also, it's really hilarous to explain Jack's timeline to someone unfamiliar with TW.


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