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I had serious writer's block issues the other day and asked for prompts. Several kind souls obliged and were rewarded with comment ficlets ranging from the ridiculous to the downright pornographic.

I'm too lazy to paste, but here they are linked for your convenience and mine.

[ profile] waqaychay got Jeeves and Bertie talking to River aboard Serenity. Jeeves & Wooster/Firefly crossover! Bertie/Jeeves, G.

[ profile] monisharobot got Peter Kingdom getting a boyfriend... well, sort of. Kingdom, Peter/unnamed OMC. Again with the damn G rating. Maybe PG just because of Beatrice. :P Allusions to Series 3 events, but no bluntly stated spoilers.

[ profile] random_nexus got Jeeves and Ianto Jeeves & Wooster/Torchwood crossover. Ianto/Jeeves, PG-13.

[ profile] rodlox got Sulu and Toshiko on a blind date Torchwood/Star Trek crossover. Gen. I envisioned this as the reboot!verse but can be read as either.

[ profile] seularen got "Bertie and Jim keep getting accidentally engaged to aliens; Jeeves and McCoy have to constantly rescue them and patch them up." Jeeves & Wooster/ ST:XI crossover; Kirk/McCoy, Bertie/Jeeves. Rated C for CRACK.

and [ profile] chaoschick13 got PIANO SEX, DAMMIT. Bertie/Jeeves, rated SMUTTY SMUTTY SMUT.

Do I get some kind of award for most crossovers in a single post?

Right, perhaps I should actually go work now.

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Title: (at night we walk into our houses and burn)
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy pre-slash-ish.
Words: 975
Rating: PG
Summary: Wishes in Iowa.
A/N: The Trek, it ate my brain. This is what came out. It's not much of anything, just sort of me feeling out the bits and pieces. Title by Dar Williams.

at night we walk into our houses and burn )

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This post was actually going to be about something else, but I decided we'd all be better off if I just talked about Star Trek.

So yeah. Star Trek. Specifically, fic thereon. I was askeered of it.

And uh, a good bit of that was actually not at all unfounded. There is some serious WTFery out there and I'm wondering if these people even watched the whole movie, let alone maybe googled real quick to get a few basic facts right.

What I feared most, though, from the very moment Karl Urban said, "I may throw up on you," squee though I did, was the veritable deluge of fic that would result from McCoy being played by someone who's actually hot. I did not want to see my cranky, damaged doctor get fanon-steined into some barely-recognizable hair-product-using fluffpot who occasionally points out that he is a doctor, not a what-have-you, and pines after Kirk like a little puppy dog.

BUT IT'S OKAY. IT'S ALL OKAY. Because of [ profile] inell, it's all going to be just fine. Her Two Men & a Motorbike series is required reading. Kirk and McCoy are their sexy nouveau selves, but totally recognizable as the known-and-loved too. And it's EPIC. I totally didn't used to like this pairing, either. In my TOS days it was K/S and naught but. I went into it thinking I probably wouldn't like it-- I figured if I don't like it when Inell does it, I won't like it ever. But good lord I love it.

Uh, yeah. That was it, actually. I'm gonna go eat now.

Oh, hey! If you've got STXI recs stick them here, yeah? It can be like a rummage sale.


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