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Because [ profile] marvola said so, 8 random facts, me-related )

Also, fic recs. Specifically crossovers. I posted these at TWU but I figured I might as well bring them here too. All Torchwood-related, all awesome. Possibly nothing you haven't already read, but also for posterity. If you know of any good ones (TW or not), by all means bring them over! [Insert creepy voice and something about 'precious.']

Empty Spaces Between Stars by Nightanddaze. (NC-17) CSI crossover with extremely hot Jack/Ianto/Greg Sanders and plot. This is totally recommended reading for anyone, even if you don't watch CSI.
Advantages of Travel by Elishabet. (PG-13) Firefly! Jack on Serenity! Captain-snogging!
A Little Matter of Life and Death by Unfeathered. (NC-17) Jack/Angel. I pretty much consider this canon, actually.

Snapshots by Asrai. (R) Queer As Folk US. I'm in love with this. Your average QAF/TW crossover probably involves Jack and Brian Kinney getting groiny. This does not. This has Justin and Ianto as roommates (it makes sense, don't worry), and a whole lot of mysterious. This is from the person who brought you 'The Night Starts Here' (a.k.a. 'that one where Ianto goes to work at Torchwood Two').
And this just started, but I'm highly excited about it-- The Hogwarts Reunion Is When Everything Changes (And Torchwood Is Ready) by Lilithilien. (NC-17) Because Jack/Draco. I can't wait.
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I think it's probably bad that I saw 'Heartbroken Man Climbs Into Morgue Freezer' on my gmail headline thingy and thought 'ooh! angst fic!'

I am in the process of initiating myself to the utter cracky awesomeness that is Blackpool. Tennant, crime-solving, and musical numbers, for pete's sake. This is totally the fault of whoever posted that DT oral fixation picspam. You think he licks a lot of stuff as the Doctor? Just you wait. And if I ever get arrested, I want it to be with a full complement of police officers singing the Smiths and dancing. (And don't spoil me, I'm only halfway through episode 3!) But seriously, it just screams Wacky Broadway Nightmare. Things like this are the reason I keep threatening to by one of those big honking satellite dishes so we can get the real BBC.

Someone a few houses away is apparently on their porch singing and playing the guitar. Badly. It's making dogs howl.

*waves at new people* Er, well, newer people. I'll do something entertaining tomorrow, I swear.
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...I'm watching Eurovision.

So far it's uninspiring. Pop ballad, thing that sounds like disco, pop ballad, pop ballad. Snore.

Of course, nothing I like ever wins. I really thought the Ukranian drag queens should have won last year.

Okay, things are looking up. Bosnia & Herzegovina: OMGWTFLAUNDRYBRIDES?! I wanna hug suit-guy.
Real-time updates (now with extra snark and pirates) )

If Latvia doesn't win, I have no faith in humanity.



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