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I dug these things up for some reason and posted them to AO3. With a year and a half of distance from them, I think they're actually quite good. XD

Jeeves and the Dalston Detour
Boosh/Jeeves & Wooster crossover
That one time where Jeeves and Bertie were inexplicably in the 21st century and hung out in the Nabootique.

The Mystery Writer
Nathan Barley/Black Books crossover
It was the strangest friendship Manny had ever seen. (Dan and Bernard are mates.)
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I really really meant to get over here and pimp my Yuletiede prezzies before the reveal, but Dean Winchester had other ideas. BUT. In an unprecedented display of EEE YAY, I got ALL my requests filled, in the form of awesome fics for Breaking Bad and The Hour (why have you not watched The Hour? You need to watch The Hour.) and a lovey Downton Abbey drabble with THOMAS. Which is completely amazing and I can't thank these writers enough. <3

*Breaking Bad: Saturday in the Sticks with Jesse
Walter Jr. has questions, and he's pretty sure Jesse has the answers.

*Downton Abbey: Some Truth
Make him feel, if not like a good man, at least a better one.

*The Hour: Let Nothing You Dismay
Christmas Eve, 1965: We interrupt your scheduled programming to bring you this breaking news.
The threat of a rapidly spreading epidemic has the entire staff of The Hour spending a holiday in unexpected quarantine.


Annnnnd as probably (or definitely if your name is Eggy) suspected from the suprise guest appearance by Pingu and the fact that I make fun of Morrissey and use the 'hang the DJ' line from 'Panic,' by anyone who read it, what I wrote was How to Plan Your Funeral. In which we rejoin Dan Ashcroft in 2011, Jones is not my!Jones, and everyone is kind of a dick.

It was actually really kind of fun to write because part of the request was for some subversion of fanon!Jones tropes, and after I got done cackling at the irony of a request including that going to me of all people, and after I got done nearly chickening out and trying to write Mean Girls femslash instead, it was a good challenge and I haven't written them in eons and I kind of missed them as it turns out.
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Title: Landscape with Bastard Roses
Pairing: Claire/Jones (yes, you read that right)
Rating: R
Words: ~3600
Summary: One possible summer after a fall.
Notes: This came out of a couple of weird dreams I had a while back and several months later I finally finished it. Just to be clear this does not belong to any universe of mine that you have ever met.  Thanks to [ profile] the_reverand for cheerleading and threats.

The House of Jones has a garden. )
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Title: You Get the Last Word
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~2000
Summary: And they saunter vaguely back towards real life.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] the_reverand for looking over this! Any fail is all mine.
Takes place directly after One Day We'll Look Back And... Masterlist for this universe is here.
Oh! And the thing that gets bought in the shop is courtesy of [ profile] silent_fields :D

This morning felt suspiciously like goodbye... )
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So [ profile] map_of is FANTASTIC and drew Roadtrip!Jones and has kindly given me permission to show it off. :D

oontz oontz )
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Title: You'd Save Me From the Aliens
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: just shy of NC-17
Words: ~900
Summary: Just a hotel with no heat and some almost-porny ridiculousness.
Notes: Bon voyage, [ profile] eggnogged! Who I hope gets to see this one way or the other before she goes, as I'm very eleventh-hour and full of fail. Unfortunately not terribly occasion-appropriate except that it's cold. This is set in early 1999 and takes place in Rennes, France, which you'd really only know if you've ever been there and had a galette saucisse, also known as The Best Thing You'll Ever Eat With a Hangover.
The masterlist to this universe is here.

"That'd be well twisted, snowman bumming." )
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OMG I FAIL AT FLUFF. This was supposed to be fluff. I don't know what happened. It was supposed to live in its own fluffy universe but that lasted about three seconds and it turned out to be a sequel to Believe (that's the Dan/Jones/Pingu one for those of you playing along at home). But it's not Tuesday anymore, so. *sets it down and runs off*

Title: Flux
Pairing: Jones/Pingu, sort of? and background Dan/Jones
Words: 950-ish
Rating: PG
Summary: Nathan Barley's about to have the worst gig of his life, but this isn't really about that.

F-locked for now 'cause it's weird and I'm tired. I've had notes on part of this for ages and dreamed some of it last night. Welcome to my brain, such as it is.

He opens the window and a two-cent piece hits him in the forehead. )
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I thought I'd collect all the Roadtrip bits and pieces in one place.

Everything supposedly leads up to Someone Like You, which was the first one written. It's probably going to end up with some re-writes along the way as I seem to keep breaking little bits of it.

In chronological order:

I Wondered What You Were (October 1997) for [ profile] booshbattle - the first time Dan hears Jones's music.
One Day We'll Look Back And... (March 1998) ~8500 words, NC-17
I'll Learn Eventually (missing scene from ODWLB, aka Shower Porn) 2342 words, NC-17
My Eyes are Brown and it's Backwards Anyway (dialogue-only silliness later in the ODWLB trip) 226 words, R
You Get the Last Word (the end of the trip) 2026 words, PG-13
These Are Our Times (Italy, August 1998) 1050 words, R
This Wasn't On My List (Santa!Dan, Xmas 1998) 986 words, R
You'd Save Me From the Aliens (France, early 1999) 913 words, nearly NC-17
Someone Like You (post-series, late 2005/early 2006) ~1400 words, PG-13
Apochryphal bonus track: Some Assembly Required (May 2006) 200 words, PG

In the order I wrote them:
Someone Like You
One Day We'll Look Back And...
My Eyes Are Brown and It's Backwards Anyway
Some Assembly Required (fits in the universe if you want it to)
This Wasn't On My List
I'll Learn Eventually
These Are Our Times
You'd Save Me From the Aliens
You Get the Last Word
I Wondered What You Were
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Title: These Are Our Times
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: R?
Words: 1050
Summary: Something about an open window in a hotel in Rome.
Notes: This was supposed to be done quite a bit earlier in order to soothe [ profile] the_reverand's bad day, but maybe it's just as well that it's late because it's a bit heart-hurty-er than I thought it would be. Er. Anyway, this is another short that got massively out of hand, and I kind of didn't want to stop even when I did. Set to Beirut's Postcards From Italy, which was also Rev's idea. <3

This takes place late-summer-ish in the same year as One Day We'll Look Back And... (which occurs in March if anyone's keeping track) but is sort of a director's-cut extra due to being Jones's POV. Masterlist for this universe is here.

It's too hot to shut the window, really even too hot for clothes. )
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Title: Living Conditions (lame title is lame)
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: NC-17
Words: 1459
Summary: Jones has nipple rings. Filth ensues.
Notes: This is brought to you by [ profile] ftw302's awesome shirtless Jones with piercings. Noodle cartoons really should not do these things to my brain. XD (Also bonus Jones who I'm totally defying.)

"What, these?" )
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I'm either late for Monday (it's porn) or failing at both Tuesday (it's not fluff) and Wednesday (there's no bumming).

Title: Believe
Characters/Pairing: Dan/Jones/Pingu
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~3200
Summary: Pingu leaves the Trashbat party with Jones and...
Notes: Is possibly what happens after my "please make something nice happen to Pingu" [ profile] booshbattle ficlet (Peace and) Fucking Off. Probably not really, but [ profile] thickets went and gave me IDEAS. ;) Thanks to [ profile] the_reverand for advice on this and a bunch of lovely people on Twitter (BTN represent!) for encouragement and support. Any fail is wholly mine. And if it's not immediately apparent, this Dan and Jones have nothing to do with any other ones I've ever written.

I like you, alright?  )

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Don't get excited! This isn't that thing, and I think everyone's probably seen this by now. But as that thing is one possible future of this thing, I figured I'd better put it somewhere convenient. That thing is coming very soon.

Title: (Peace and) Fucking Off
Characters: Jones, Pingu (gen!?)
Rating: PG
Words: 645
Notes: Originally posted here at [ profile] booshbattle for the prompt please make something nice happen to Pingu. There's really not much else to it.

Pingu wouldn't have thought he'd be caught dead here. )
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Title: When the Whistle Blows
Pairing: Dan/Neil!Jones (or should that be Jones!Neil...)
Rating: R
Words: ~1600
Notes: This is a companion to [ profile] thickets' excellent Stolen Hearts, Vintage Souls (FF/NB crossover where Jones is undercover Neil between parts 1&2 of FF) and might not make heaps of sense if you haven't read that. Also sideways-references a bit from [ profile] the_reverand's 'Rookie' and 'Bobby' which I also highly recommend reading but it won't hurt your understanding if you don't. Of course, none of this would have happened if not for [ profile] eggnogged's Fast Fuse. Big thanks to all these awesome ladies for their help and insipiration. <3

The title/soundtrack to this is Magnetic Fields' Born on a Train.

(Extra note to the non-Booshies on my flist, you don't need any canon knowledge of anything to read Fast Fuse itself, just watch this 3-minute music video (well, I think you'll find it's more like 3:29) and then get your butt over to [ profile] fast_fuse_fic and start rolling around in all the awesome words. I KNOW you guys like some slash with your crime and/or law enforcement. ;P)

One of these days I'm gonna leave you in your sleep )
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Bout damn time I put this here, oops.

Title: Someone Like You
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~1400
Summary: Dan and Jones post-series, with history, and the broken bits going back together. Sort of.
Notes: Originally written for the [ profile] booshbattle Music Scuffle here. [ profile] silent_fields' prompt was the New Order song 'Someone Like You,' hence the clever title. This is the fic that spawned the Roadtripverse in all its prequel-ific glory, and may be subject to minor change at any point as I get deeper and deeper into Jossing my own ending.

Masterlist for this universe is here.

I seen you trying to write. Like a kitten with a crayon, you are.  )
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Archivey-housekeeping time! Nuffink new.

Title: Some Assembly Required
Author: [info]thirstyrobot
Words: 200
Characters/Pairing: Dan, Claire (Dan/Jones implied)
Rating: PG for language
Notes: For [ profile] boosh_shorts Challenge 17: Holidays, originally posted here. For [info]thickets on her birthday. <3 This was based on her [info]booshbattle prompt, but probably not really the desired thing. Birthdays are holidays, right? Oh, it's a big cheat all round. This can fit into the Roadtrip-verse somewhere post-Someone Like You if that floats your boat.

I don't remember you doing anything this time last year.  )

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Title: I'll Learn Eventually
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: NC-17!
Words: 2342
Notes: This is Roadtrip shower porn, actually a missing scene from One Day We'll Look Back And... itself that occurs between the last two sections. Which means there is rimming. And irresponsible quoting of the Smiths. Fair warning.
Happy Porn Monday, and happy late birthday to [ profile] evil_kingdom, happy actually-on-time birthday to [ profile] ftw302, and happy early birthday to [ profile] perplexed_angel! It's like, here, I got you a copy of my own favorite record, and you all have to share it! XD But better than nothing, right? And it is actually 300% pornier than what I usually manage, so hopefully there's enough to go round. Thanks for being born, pretties. <3

Masterlist for this universe is here.

It's the music stopping and finding suddenly that you're shouting... )
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Title: Wrecking Ball
Pairing: shades of Pete/Dan and Dan/Jones
Rating: R for some angsty dirty thoughts
Words: 4262
Summary: Everyone finds out.
Notes: This is a sequel to Public Pervert by [ profile] the_reverand, who has my most massive thanks for playing muse, cheerleader, editor, and general purveyor of brilliance. <3 Anything wrong is all me.
And of course I can't write anything that doesn't have at least a little bit of a soundtrack, so here's Interpol, Wanda Jackson, and The Shaggs.

Think you might be better off without 'Oh, Lonesome Me,' anyhow. )
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This Wasn't On My List
Dan/Jones, R, 986 words.
This is for [ profile] the_reverand, who I made want Santa!Dan. It was supposed to be for the [ profile] boosh_shorts holiday challenge, but it absolutely refused to be 200 words. It also absolutely refused to be the crack I was expecting and turned into a big angsty/soppy Roadtrip wank. :P Not with any actual wanking, though there is a bit of groping. This'll be about 8 months after the end of One Day We'll Look Back And... I think it can stand on its own, but for the uninitiated, it's 7 years pre-series and therefore Dan's a bit less bitter than you might otherwise find him.

Masterlist for this universe is here.

He looks like something off the Island of Misfit Toys. )
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This is what happens when Porn Monday and Fluff Tuesday violently collide and wake up to find it's actually Wednesday and they can't find their pants.

It's a missing scene from One Day We'll Look Back And... (Christycrap, it's got its own tag now)

Pretty much self-indulgent dialogue-only non-porn porn. Rated R, I guess? This takes place during the mythical Belfast visit, not that you can tell where they are at all.

Masterlist for this universe is here.

My Eyes Are Brown and It's Backwards Anyway )
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Title: One Day We'll Look Back And...
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~8500
Disclaimer: I am playing with other people's property for fun and no profit.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] booshbattle prompt years before the series, early twenties maybe, roadtrip. They're a bit older than that here, though. Welcome to 1998.

My extreme thanks to [ profile] the_reverand (whose entire fault this is, really), [ profile] silent_fields, and [ profile] beansidhe_baby for their help with this, and also a large contingent of LJ and Twitter friends who peeled me off the ceiling more than they should've needed to. Any fail is all mine.

The Nabokov quotation that's mentioned is from this, which has nothing to do with anything except that it's also sort of about a road trip, and what it references in turn is Laurence Sterne's Sentimenal Journey Through France and Italy. There is also a James Joyce bit but that's a spoiler. :) And the cartoon pirate thing is from Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea-- it hadn't been aired in Britain yet so Jones would have only seen the original French version.

This is a portion of the backstory to Someone Like You, but neither depends on the other. Masterlist for this universe is here.

I didn't actually bring you a leek... )


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