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I dug these things up for some reason and posted them to AO3. With a year and a half of distance from them, I think they're actually quite good. XD

Jeeves and the Dalston Detour
Boosh/Jeeves & Wooster crossover
That one time where Jeeves and Bertie were inexplicably in the 21st century and hung out in the Nabootique.

The Mystery Writer
Nathan Barley/Black Books crossover
It was the strangest friendship Manny had ever seen. (Dan and Bernard are mates.)
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Or non-fics. Sorry I've been out on the town with other fandoms. I don't know where the word list went or where I got it or even how good these are, but here you go. There a couple instances of Bertie/Other, one of which prequels the Dance Card-verse.

and with that ringing endorsement... )
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This is a late little giftie for [ profile] triedunture! I sort of feel like I'm offering a macaroni picture to Rembrandt here, but it's got scarves and gloves (hats are only implied, sorry) like you wanted and it was made with love.

Blue Wool )
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I wrote this for [ profile] storyfan, who was lovely enough to type it up for me as she had the only copy. May cause sniffles and AWW-ing. Merry Joostermas!

A Star in Paris )
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This, THIS, is the Drabble That Ate Prague. In that it's not a drabble at all because it very seriously got away from me. And is a not-so-holiday-themed bundle of holiday joy (I hope) for our very own apple fritter of awesome, [ profile] who_is_small, who will hopefully forgive that this is probably not the interpretation of the prompt she might have expected, and also the dental bills caused by the tooth-rotting fluffitude that ensues. Maybe the smutty part will make up for it. ;)

ETA: Oh, and there's an accidental bit of an Upstairs Downstairs crossover. Pay it no mind, it doesn't know any better and has no real bearing on this fic at all.

A Decent Proposal )

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A somewhat cracky little giftie for the lovely [ profile] queen_fiend, who asked: Does Madeline ever find out about Spode's Eulalie thing? What does she think? and who is obviously awesome because she got me to kinda sorta write het. :D

Eulalie and the Kitten )

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For the [ profile] indeedsir Halloween challenge, just in time!

Thanks to [ profile] storyfan and [ profile] random_nexus for beta business and to [ profile] janeturenne for handing me the Hound of the Baskervilles reference on a silver platter when I couldn't come up with anything decent. The rest is all my fault!

~9500 words, PG for some ooky-spooky stuff. (Of course there's slash.)
The Ghosts of Brinkley Court )
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Many of you have seen lots of these before, but here they are.

I tease, I tease:


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Penultimate challenge! This one was supplied by [ profile] mxdp, who I hope will forgive it not being all that it could be.

The quoted story is The Nightingale and the Rose. I think I get unconventional-use-of-Wilde points, at least.

2200-words-ish. What is with my G-rated preslash thing?

Far More Than Flowers )
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I have not forgotten my challenges! [ profile] storyfan supplied the idea of a chase scene. I questionably deliver.

There's chasing, all right, but it gets a bit ridiculous and may all go on a bit too long (2400 words WTF). Almost totally gen.

This ain't great, but I need to move on.

Mornington Crescent )
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This one is [ profile] blackletter's WWI action challenge. And man, was it ever challenging. This is quite possibly the slowest 1600 words I've ever written, what with all the sudden research I had to do and how not used to writing anything remotely resembling action I am.

Unfortunately, I think it only remotely resembles action. But there are explosions.

This is totally gen (and shockingly not even all that pre-slashy), but rated PG-13 for horrors-of-war type stuff. My apologies to Wodehouse for taking some liberties with his timeline (such as it is), and to Siegfried Sassoon for stealing his lines and attaching them as sub-title and end-quote to something very unworthy.

Concrit welcome. I know it has problems.

Remembrance Sunday (when you sleep you remind me of the dead )
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I asked for challenges. [ profile] janeturenne said kink. I decided on voyeurism. This is probably not what she had in mind, and honestly not what I'd envisioned either, but this is how it went. Don't blame Jane! Blame Emo Gussie! Not that he's got a damn thing to do with anything.

It's either awesome or awful or somewhere between the two. I really don't know.

1100 words exactly. Rated R. Not as smutty as it should be. Not happy at all. ummmm, totally contains Bertie/someone who is not Jeeves.

Third Person )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] random_nexus!! You are the bee's patellae and the cat's very nightwear!  ♥♥ This is not cake, but it's probably that fluffy and sugary!

Many Happy Returns
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Words: ~2300
Rating: PG
Summary: Five birthdays in the life.
Note: I must thank [ profile] storyfan for tidying this up and [ profile] chaoticchaos13 for the kick in the trousers that got it going. Disclaimer/apologies to Wodehouse and the Beatles.

Many Happy Returns )
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Of all the Fraglets there could have been a sequel to, you probably least wanted one to Maliciously.

But here it is anyway. Don't hit me. No, really. Don't hit me. Blame Bach. And [ profile] monisharobot, but no hitting there either.

...I am not going to dignify this with a proper header. 400ish words of OW MY SOUL G-rated implied-Bertie/OFC.

But Not a Drop to Drink )
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Sorting Out the Dance Card is now handily contained in a single file, should you want it.
Comes in fancified .pdf flavour or plain vanilla html. It's hosted on gdocs but you don't have to have an account to view.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an awesome friend and all-round excellent human being, the wonderful [ profile] storyfan! ♥ ♥ ♥
I hope you like your present, my dear. There ain't much to it, but it was made with love. Bertie sends his felicitations and apologies for being rubbish at drawing. Jeeves made you a cake, which should be arriving soon if everything works out with the time machine.

Taking Notes
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Words: ~1300
Rating: G, with sugar and icing.
Summary: Bertie's pen takes on a mind of its own.
Note: This came out of a conversation I had with [ profile] storyfan, so it seemed only fitting to wrap it up with a bow. Thanks also to [ profile] random_nexus and [ profile] chaoticchaos13 for giving it the old hairy eyeball. Not that your eyeballs are elderly or hirsute.

Taking Notes )
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Well, this is it, kids. The Thing. I hesitate to call it a novella/novel; it's more like the world's longest one-shot in terms of structure.

I don't know most people's preferences about how much they want to be surprised vs. how much they want to know in advance, so you can highlight where indicated if you like.

Title: Sorting Out the Dance Card
Pairings: Bertie/Jeeves, (highlight for more if you don't like surprises) *with small sides of Bertie/Stinker, Bertie/OMC, some past Jeeves/OMC(s), and Marion Wardour/OFC.*
Rating: strongish R overall
Words: 61,000 and some change
Summary: An overheard conversation changes everything. Histories, mysteries, romance, and a dive or two into the soup.
Warnings: Nothing huge, but (highlight) *there's one bit that mentions what could be construed as dubcon, but nothing explicit.*
Disclaimer: I own nothing. You can probably play literary-reference bingo with this, but in the grand Wodehouse tradition, absolutely nothing is cited. 
Notes: Serious, serious massive beta-thanks, gold stars, kittens, and cookies to [ profile] storyfan, without whom you probably wouldn't have seen this for another year. I must also thank [ profile] random_nexus and [ profile] chaoschick13 for staunch support and just general good-eggishness. I ♥ you guys.

Part 1: Of Harpoons and Anonymous Crumpets
Part 2: Stiff Upper Lip, Bertie
Part 3: A Little Flutter
Part 4: Playing To the Audience
Part 5: Fantasie Impromptu
Part 6: Ticking Off Stinker
Part 7: More Fuel to the Fire
Part 8: Book Marks

Or download/view the whole fic: .pdf (fancier-looking) or html (plain vanilla with formatting & images).


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