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Um. So. I found this thing in my googledocs? I have no memory of writing it. Sometimes I will paste things into a document if they're long and a pain to click through, but that's usually fairly obvious when I've done it. Plus this is short, and not actually that great, so why would I do that?

So I must have written it, and the revision history seems to back me up on that. The television choice and the 'specific heat of lo mein' remark sound like me, but the rest... *shrug* Maybe I was drunk. Except it's so G-rated that I highly doubt it.

here, have a random 1000 words of incomplete, tame and underwhelming House/Wilson-ish-ness. )
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Delays! Life! Sorry! And lawks, I've gone all out of order with the table. But here, look. There's actually one more done-ish, but I wanted to get something up before Bones. (I thought it was a Fry night tonight, but apparently that's tomorrow. Still, yay Bones.)

I won't be insulted if you don't read the crossovers. I don't know what got into me. Also 'scuse my messy coding, and my shameful lack of comment replies, but I figured you'd rather have fic. And THANK YOU ALL if I haven't done so personally. ♥ ♥ ♥

Previous efforts || Table of doom

10. Gen-ish, kid!Jeeves, implied Bertie/Jeeves, 670 words.
In which Jeeves's first love is a book:
Erode )

11. PG, 1170 words in three sub-fraglets
Varying degrees of unrequited and/or established Bertie/Jeeves, with a splash of House/Wilson for funsies.
Crossovers with Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and House MD.
(And no, there are no spoilers for 'Planet of the Dead,' though seeing it over the weekend is entirely to blame. References are made to 'Utopia,' 'Family of Blood,' 'Human Nature,' and 'The Unicorn and the Wasp.')

In which three impossible things happen:
Strangely )


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