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0. Mostly, I wanted to show off this icon I made. *points*

1. Writer's block like whoa. I get like one sentence out and get distracted by something shiny. My brain's doing something that goes a little bit like Trek! Jooster! Joostertrek! No, wait! Fireflytrek! TorchJooster! Ianto is Jeeves and they're on the Enterprise and run into Serenity! And what about that thing where Jeeves had a secret wife? Ducky? Ducky who? ARGFARGLEVALETSPACE. Yeah. That's what my head sounds like on the indoors.

2. KINGDOM. Was great. Is great. Is being great. Oh Lyle. *looks at watch* Hey, next week! Get here with new ep plz. When does Peter get a boyfriend? Wishful thinking, I know.

3. Well, it would be a pretty lame list if it only had two things on it.....

Um. Make me write porn. Prompts. Issue them now. Maybe with word count limits.

ETA 6/10: I am exhausted and falling asleep. Ficlettings to continue on the morrow.
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Title: A Man, A Can...
Author: [profile] thirstyrobot 
Pairing/Characters: Gen, Team
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Torchwood and the plot hole I'm filling belong to RTD and the BBC.
Spoilers: None really, though it serves as an explanation for something in 'Exit Wounds' that seems to have been bugging a lot of people. Probably spoilers in comments.
Notes: Set at some nebulous point in early S2-- doesn't really matter. Just a tiny little ficlet that you'll hopefully get a laugh out of. I set out to write some big introspective reaction fic and this is what comes out. I've got problems.
Summary: "Twenty quid says it's hairspray," Owen said.


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