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OMG I FAIL AT PORN. Yes, it's porny, but it went and had like, plot and shit (kind of). And I'm not sure it's any good at all, so flist-only. Now public because my flist is smarter than me.


This is the Ned/Vince thing (which is also tangentially a Ned/Rufus thing because I am broken), for which the responsible inspiring parties can either congratulate themselves or heartily facepalm. And dedicated to [ profile] the_reverand for her birthday, even though it's wayyyyy less cool than a bouncy castle and may actually be Old Gregg coming out of a cake all scaly and tutu-wearing.

One Night at the Onion )
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Title: A Hypothesis of Flight
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: PG-13 for language and sexual references
Words: 5266
Summary: Dan does not want to lead a Movement. He doesn't even really want to move.
Notes: Written for [ profile] lgbtfest. Prompt: 2158. Nathan Barley, Dan/Jones, The incident with the builder and subsequent article force Dan to come to terms with his own sexuality. It’s a topic that has plagued him for most of his life, and he has continually repressed with alcohol and general cynicism. He decides to finally confide his confusion in Jones, who has always been open about his own bisexuality. Could potentially lead to them questioning the true nature of their current relationship, or simply be written as Jones acting as a mentor of sorts.
Disclaimer/credits: Outcast was a real magazine (created by a different Chris Morris than the one who created the show), but had folded by the time this takes place. My apologies also to The Smiths and The Clash. All recognizable characters are the property of their creators and not of me.
Massive, massive thanks to: [ profile] storyfan, [ profile] eggnogged, [ profile] silent_fields, [ profile] waqaychay, [ profile] luridlolly, and [ profile] the_reverand, for hand-holding, idea-bouncing, cheerleading, and other supportive activities. You are all rockstars, as are my Twitter friends and flist for putting up with my blehhhh. However, any fail is mine and mine alone.

A Hypothesis of Flight )
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Sorry for the repeato-spam if you've seen these, but I'm not backdating in case anyone else wants to. ETA: Just kidding, I'm an idiot and apparently already put a couple of these up here. Oh well.

Who's a lazy-pants about archiving? Yeah, me.

These were all for [ profile] boosh_shorts Challenge 14: Opposites.

Title: Wagers
Fandom: Nathan Barley
Words: 200
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Rating: PG (language)
Prompt: serious/frivolous.

Wagers )

Title: Shelter
Fandom: Nathan Barley
Words: 200
Characters/Pairing: Claire, Jones (Dan/Jones implied)
Rating: PG (language)
Prompt: wet/dry.

Shelter )

Title: Revisionist History
Fandom: Mighty Boosh
Words: 100
Characters: Vince, Howard
Rating: G
Prompt: truth/lie.

Revisionist History )
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Title: Smoke and Mirrors
Pairings: Dan/Jones and Vince/Howard, with a tiny tiny side order of Dan/Vince and Jones/Howard.
Rating: PG-13
Words: ~12,000
Summary: Paths cross, lips do stuff to other lips, feelings are felt, music is made. May contain chavs, made-up publications, a fully intact fourth wall, and peer pressure from Naboo. May not contain Bollo, who would nevertheless like you to know that Sugar Ape was named after him. Set a bit post-series for NB and post-S3 for Boosh.
Notes: Shiny gold stars to [ profile] waqaychay for the beta, as well as big fat hearts to [ profile] storyfan, [ profile] who_is_small, and [ profile] random_nexus for viewing this mess in its early stages and assuring me it was not a big sinking failboat.
Convenient linkage without my annoying layout: [1-2] [3-4]

Smoke and Mirrors )
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Is it obvious yet what's eating my brain? I'm really sorry I can't seem to write any Jooster. I know most of you won't read this but here it is anyway.

Title: Wagers
Pairing: Dan/Jones
Words: 200
Prompt: serious/frivolous
It's a game he plays, letting the world toss coins for him.
Posted at [ profile] boosh_shorts over this-a-way.
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I wrote this for [ profile] booshbattle and I figured I'd pop it up here for posterity. The original with 3% more typos is here.
Rated PG for language and minor drug references. 777 words.
Original prompt was Nathan Barley, Dan/Jones, Jones POV in which he snuggles/makes out with unconscious-in-hospital!Dan.

The Caustic Ticking of the Clock )


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