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This is what happens when Porn Monday and Fluff Tuesday violently collide and wake up to find it's actually Wednesday and they can't find their pants.

It's a missing scene from One Day We'll Look Back And... (Christycrap, it's got its own tag now)

Pretty much self-indulgent dialogue-only non-porn porn. Rated R, I guess? This takes place during the mythical Belfast visit, not that you can tell where they are at all.

Masterlist for this universe is here.

My Eyes Are Brown and It's Backwards Anyway



"You awake?"


"What's your favourite song?"

"It's called 'There's a Strange Man In My Bed Who Won't Shut Up and Let Me Sleep.'"

"You think I'm strange?"

"You know you're strange."


"'I'm Only Sleeping.'"


"'Farewell and Goodnight.'"

"Fuck off, I've read your Billy Corgan rant."


"Low blow, Ashcroft."

"For that, I'll wake up."

"Feels like you already--"

"We'll just pretend you made a horrible pun here and move on, shall w-- fuck, do that again."


"That's...I mean with your thumb on the...ah. That's...fine too."

"Yeah? You like that?"


"I'll suck you off if you tell me."

"Jones...fuck, tell you what?"

"Your favourite song."

"Are you still on about that? Move your fucking leg, I can't reach."

"I wanna know."

"So you can turn it inside-out with noise?"

"You rather I wrote you a postcard?"

"Bastard, stop...stopping."

"Tell me and I will."

"I don't know. 'Pressure Drop' or something."

"That's well boring."

"I'm well boring. Either something or--"

"Is it something horrible? The Spice Girls?"

"It's fucking 'Pale Blue Eyes,' all right?"

"...Aw, Dan."

"Since I was ten. It's nothing to do with you."

"My eyes're more of a duck-egg sorta blue anyway."

"But you do make me mad."

"Think y'mean drive you mad."

"It's going that way. Are you going to...?"

"Since I promised and all."

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